Have you ever needed to mix up just a small amount of concrete for a home improvement project? Like when putting in a few fence posts or for keeping the clothes line posts in the ground? Many people mix up the concrete in an old wheelbarrow or bucket that they have lying around. But there is a tool to help make that job easier and more efficient. Concrete mixers, commonly called cement mixers, are designed to help mix up concrete to the right consistency, so you get a strong and smooth end product. By also having a constantly spinning drum, they prevent the concrete from drying before you get the chance to use it.

For most homeowners, a small electric concrete mixer is just the ticket. These mixers can mix up between 1 cubic foot and 6 cubic feet. Besides using a more sustainable source of power, electric mixers are also quieter and easier to use than a larger gas powered mixer.

Most people only need to use a concrete mixer once or twice a year, making it an ideal tool to borrow from a tool library. The West Seattle Tool Library recently acquired a concrete mixer and it is available for you to take home for all your concrete mixing needs. The only challenge to this mixer is getting it home. Despite the fact that it is small compared to commercial mixers, this particular mixer is large enough to be a challenge to transport. It wouldn’t easily fit in the trunk of most cars, but is small enough to fit in the back of a truck.

Safety is important when using a concrete mixer. As with most power tools, avoid loose clothing or jewelry, wear hearing and eye protection and wear sturdy shoes. In addition gloves and a dust mask may be useful when using the mixer.


Nancy Kladiven

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