Best Tools For Burning Wood

Wood burning tools or pyrography pens are arts and craft tools which are used in burning wood or leather to create beautiful and aesthetic designs.Pyrography literally translates to writing by fire; it is an ancient art form that originated centuries ago. In the old days, metal pokers were used on leather and wood straps, but nowadays pyrography pens are similar to that of soldering irons and electrically generate heat to burn wood.The new pyrography pens are very convenient; it comes with automated controls, thermostats and temperature monitors.In this article, we will see the best wood burning tools.

1) Walnut Hollow Creative:

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The first on this list is the Walnut Hollow Creative that comes with Versa-Temp variable temperature control.It has a comfortable grip so that you can use it for a long time with ease and comes with changeable tips so that you can adjust the width of the point, adding a variety of artistic designs. It is excellent for beginners and has excellent temperature control.
Note: It is advised by the company to bend the tips and do not take the tips out when the iron is hot so as not to break them.

2) Stage 1 Wood and Leather Pyrography Pen:

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The Stage 1 Wood and leather Pyrography pen is a close second on the list and just as good as the walnut hollow creative pyrography pen.It is a pen for people experienced with wood burning tools. This pen heats very quickly, convenient for people looking for a fast-acting pen and comes with 21 interchangeable point tips for a variety of designs. It is very lightweight and easy to use as it comes with a very comprehensive user manual making it easy to learn.

Complains of cheap material used in its construction. The tips break off very quickly.

3) Razertip Dual Burner:

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The Razertip Dual burner comes with a large Skew pen, and an HD cord allows you to adjust heat to the lowest and highest levels to scale plastic and even wax.It has dual handpiece capability that allows two pens to be used simultaneously and you can alternate between them by flicking the switches on the board, it is handy when a change in pens is required quickly.

No proper insulation on the handle, making it difficult to hold, ruining the entire purpose of skilful art.

No proper temperature control.
Design is not appealing.
Costly as compared to competitors.


These were the top three wood burning tools to buy for artists that wish to draw art by pyrography method by burning wood and leather pieces.When buying a pyrography pen, one must consider the temperature control, tips and the power usage to obtain the most efficient pyrography pen on the market.Hopefully, this guide will help you in getting the best wood burning tool you require for your art.



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