Is your garden a mess and you want to fix it, but you don’t want to risk falling off the ladder to cut those unkempt branches high up the ground? Well if that’s what the problem you are looking to solve, we’ve got just the solution.

Картинки по запросу BEST MANUAL POLE SAWS

Gardens if left untouched for a while can become quite the nuisance. Plants are living things, and they like everything else, demand care. If they are not trimmed and taken care of, they grow out and spread all over the place. Tree branches, in particular, can be quite tricky to manage. The length of trees varies from just a few feet above the ground to being too tall to be reached. Trimming thus becomes a torturous task without the use of the right tools. Trimming using a hand-operated mechanical saw is not only a nuisance. It comes with the risk of getting hurt by the incorrect use of the machine. It is a time-consuming task and requires for the person operating the device to be mounted on a ladder. This usage of a ladder is not risk-free in itself either. There is a high chance of falling off the ladder.

Pole mounted saws have made this laborious task of trimming branches easy. There are thousands of options from which you can choose. If you’re worried about what to look for in a pole saw. Don’t worry because we got you!

We have done our research on what are the best manual pole saws available on the market so you wouldn’t have to. Listed here are our top 5 picks. Scroll on to explore your options.

Silky 272-18 Telescoping Zubat PROFESSIONAL Series 

Картинки по запросу Silky 272-18 Telescoping Zubat PROFESSIONAL Series 

Price: $193.90

This manual pole saw is professional-grade. It is lightweight and weighs about 3.4 pounds. The blade cover adds an addition 0.4 pounds to the weight to the pole saw. This sturdy, sleek looking pole saw comes with a blade length of 13-inches. It can extend from 7.7 inches and can reach a maximum of 18 inches. The blade is razor sharp and is very precise, making it ideal for smooth and fast cutting. The thickness of the teeth is 1.5mm, with 6.4 teeth are present per inch. The aluminum alloy extension provides control over the blade and allows for precise cutting high up the ground. The drag is further reduced thanks to its taper-ground profile, allowing more energy to be used to cut edges. Shock is absorbed through the rubberized base pole. The pole saw has two locking systems. Multiple adjustments for length are present through the locking buttons. 

ARS SC-EXW18 Telescoping Pole Saw

Картинки по запросу ARS SC-EXW18 Telescoping Pole Saw

Price: $91

This pole saw is great value for money. It is incredibly lightweight, weighing just about 1.7 pounds. It is capable of sawing with excellent precision thanks to its 13-inch straight arborist blade, from a distance. It is the ideal tool for lighter pruning. You will not require the need for climbing gear with this tool.  The extension length ranges from 4 to 6 inches. The grip is comfortable, and it can be telescoped to three different stops.

Power-Lever Extendable pole saw pruner

Картинки по запросу Power-Lever Extendable pole saw pruner

Price: $53.70

This pole saw is suitable for high branches. It can extend up to about 14 feet. You can easily reach them with the help of this device to cut them without having to climb a ladder. It is equipped with a 15-inch saw blade, which aids in cutting through thicker branches. It has power-lever technology. This technology allows the pole saw to have twice the power as the commonly available tree pruners. It comes with a lifetime warranty as well, making it one of the best options available on the market.

Jameson LS-6PKG-6 Pole Saw

Картинки по запросу Jameson LS-6PKG-6 Pole Saw

Price: $94.05

This manual pole saw is great value for money and comes with a diverse three-pole system. These different pole systems allow for varying heights to be trimmed. The blades, with a 16-inch width, offer swift and precise cuts. The shape of the blades aids in cutting through dense branches and foliage. The Low profile head maneuvers through dense foliage. The pole saw comes with a 6-foot extension pole. It also has a 6-foot base pole. The device can extend up to 18-feet above ground to reach the branches high above the ground. It is equipped with a spring locking button which can vary the height of the pole saw based on the requirement.

Silky New Professional Series KatanaBoy Folding Saw

Картинки по запросу Silky New Professional Series KatanaBoy Folding Saw

Price: $149

This is an incredible folding saw that is comparable to a chainsaw. The design of this tool is exceptional and is of superior quality. It can easily compete with the former. This is a professional device with a 19-inch blade. It is heavy duty and is a sturdy tool. It is the largest folding saw that is available on the market, inspired by the Japanese samurai sword. It is long and well -balanced.It is equipped with an impulse hardened taper-ground blade. The design of the tooth offers additional extended working reach. It also allows swift cutting and can handle huge trees with no effort. The rubberized handle provides a comfortable two-handed grip to make sure that it is easy to control while operating. It is an ideal tool for cutting trees trunks and timber. It comes with a carrying case, and the manufacturer also offers a limited lifetime warranty.

All of these are diverse in their function. Different situations require different tools. Choose the one that is best suited to your needs. When looking for pole saws, you should take into consideration a few things. Such as how much reach do you need. Or how heavy, in terms of weight, can the tool be for you to operate it optimally. Ask yourself these questions before choosing. Since no matter how efficient a tool is, efficiency can only be optimal when it meets the needs of the user. 

There are a few other things that need to be taken care of when operating tools of such nature. Tools that have sharp blades or are used to perform heavy duty tasks don’t come without risk hazards. 

It is necessary to make proper use of the tool. Read the instructions carefully and don’t operate the tool by yourself, if you have no prior experience. Precautionary measures should always be taken, no matter the urgency of the job. Safety gear should always be used. In the case of pole saws, the use of ear protection is essential. Make sure to wear goggles so that wood and dust particles don’t fall into your eyes. Don’t stand right beneath the branch that you are cutting. A branch may fall on your head and hurt you, therefore, wear a hard hat so that your head is protected. Clear the space around the tree that you are trimming to prevent tripping. 

These are the best manual pole saws available on the market. We have narrowed down the list for you to choose from so go ahead and get your hands on one of these tools that will change your life for the better. We hope to have cleared any concerns you may have regarding the tool.  Happy shopping!