Thank you for considering a donation to The West Seattle Tool Library!

As a project of Sustainable West Seattle, a 501c3 non-profit organization, all donations to The West Seattle Tool Library are tax deductible.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding a donation.

Email: (email is checked multiple times a day).

Voice mail: (206) 317-4671 (voice mail is checked weekly).

There at Least 3 Major ways you can help support the tool library.


The West Seattle Tool Library depends on your support. We rely solely on your donations to continue and develop our operations.


Tool Library Wish List
 (Printable version)

We are happy to receive almost any tool donation!
The only requirements are that all donated tools must be in working (or servicable) order and non-gasoline powered. Below are some suggestions, with the high priority items in italics.  To donate a tool, please e-mail or bring it in to the library during any open hours.

Shop Tools
Wood Chipper (Heavy Duty Electric)
Tool Chests
Clamps, Any and All Kinds
Edge Sander
Canning Supplies
Chop Saws
Pruning Tools
Air Compressors (Small and Large)
Floor Sander
Machining Tools
Lawn Roller
Metal Working Tools
Palm Nailer
Orbital Sanders
Surface Planers
Table top Belt Sanders
Pneumatic Tools
Pressure Washer (Heavy Duty Gas/Electric)
Router & Shaper bits
Shoring Jack
Sod Cutter (Manual)
Sod Lifter (Manual)
Soil Moisture Meter
Soil pH Tester
Yard Trimmers (Weedwackers)
Welders and welding gear

Bolt Cutters
Specialty Automotive Tools


In addition to the general satisfaction of helping to grow and maintain a fun community resource, all of our volunteers also receive workshop credit for the time they volunteer. This credit can then be exchanged for workshop rentals or classes.


Current Volunteer opportunities
Anytime that you’d like to volunteer at The Tool Library, we invite you either to email us ( to let us know or simply to drop by during our open hours.  We can definitely use all the help we can get, even if it’s only for a couple hours!

For those who would like to make a more consistent commitment, The Tool Library could benefits from anyone who would like to fill the following roles.


Assistant Manager
This is an opportunity for the genuine tool aficionado.  The Assistant Manager will help to ensure the quality and availability of The West Seattle Tool Library’s diverse inventory of tools and literature.  While helping to connect the Tool Library to the community efforts of local non-profits, the Tool Library Assistant Manager will also work to ensure that the Library’s services are attractive and accessible to all populations in West Seattle.  The Assistant Manager will also be encouraged to pursue creative ideas that could promote sustainable urban projects such as backyard veggie gardens, chicken coops, or energy efficient window replacement.



Education Coordinator
By offering classes on everything from backyard booze to soap making, The Tool Library provides a tremendous diversity of unique education for those looking to explore new skills.  The Education Coordinator will line up the class schedule, recruit instructors, and promote the classes themselves.



Tool Doctor
This position is the perfect match for someone who likes to take stuff apart and put it back together.  The Tool Library receives a large number of tool donations, many of which need a little maintenance before being put into service.  The Tool Doctor will provide that tender loving care and help to ensure that the Tool Library’s collection is always highly functional and ready to work.



Community Outreach Ambassador
Help to connect the Tool Library to local non-profits, community groups, neighborhood associations, and individuals by being one of our Outreach Ambassador.  The Tool Library would be an amazing resource for many of these folks and we simply need to make sure everyone knows about it.  The Community Outreach Ambassador would be vital in helping the Tool Library to develop these exciting community connections.

Please contact us at for more information or to sign up.