Tool of the Week: Zombie Apocalypse

While a horde of the undead converging on West Seattle sounds unlikely, we believe that it’s best to prepare for all possible disasters. When we first began assembling our collection, we made it a secondary goal that our collection could be used in the event of a major disaster. Now that our collection is up over 1500 tools and growing every week, we thought it would be best to share a list of the tools that could come in handy during a zombie apocalypse. Local Tools, the software that tracks our inventory, now contains a special category to show the tools best used during a zombie apocalypse or other major disaster. Visit tools in this category through this link.

While we only have horror movies to give us an idea of what a zombie attack would be like, we believe that the mess left behind would be phenomenal. We imagine that after the zombies had been defeated, the Tool Library collection would need to be quickly distributed throughout the peninsula to help clean up the mess. With that in mind, we’ve selected a large collection of tools to help with cleanup from a major disaster, from shovels and rakes, to chainsaws and lawn edgers.

We also hope that our soon-to-launch Mobile Tool Library will contain a large collection of tools to help out in the aftermath of a disaster. In addition to the basic collection of shovels, rakes, chainsaws and hammers, we hope to stock the trailer with items like a hand-crank radio, a first aid kit, an assortment of essential fix-it supplies including duct tape and wire cutters, and maps of the area. The mobile trailer could be parked at a location where aid is needed and could assist in clean-up and rescue efforts.

With any luck, all our preparation efforts will be in vain and a zombie apocalypse will never occur. But if it does, you can be sure that the West Seattle Tool Library will be helping wherever we are needed.

For more information about preparing for a zombie apocalypse, the CDC has a great novella on what you need to survive.

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