The Weekly Fix: Antique Dentist Drill

by Greg Kono

Emsco Tabletop Dental Drill Restoration

I’ve had this dental drill sitting on a shelf, collecting dust for years. The belt had disintegrated long ago and I always assumed the switch was broken since it wouldn’t shut off when I plugged it in. After doing a little internet research, though, I quickly discovered that the switch was fine; It’s suppose to control the motor’s forward and reverse. The part that was actually missing was the foot controller that turns the motor on/off and regulates the speed of the drill.  Armed with that realization, I was able to easily find a replacement for it.  By some stroke of luck, I was even able to find the exact size belt from a dental supply company.

After some disassembling, cleaning, lubricating, reassembling, and a little polishing, the drill looks and runs as good as new. With its dentistry days behind it, it now performs well in precision engraving or grinding and is surprisingly more comfortable to use than a Dremel tool.  I strongly recommend, however, that you still refrain from using it for DIY dental work!

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  1. Do you know where I could find the belts that run thru the pullies on an antique dentist drill simalure to the one above?

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