A few months ago, after making a few loaves of bread, I decided to take apart my KitchenAid Stand Mixer and add some more grease so it would quit squeaking. I started by taking out all the visible screws to see what they did. After removing four screws, and not finding the source of the squeaking, I returned the screws to their proper places and turned on the stand mixer in case I’d broken it. Sure enough, it wasn’t working.

The stand mixer spent the next few months on the kitchen counter collecting dust. Every few weeks, I’d turn it on again to see if it had magically fixed itself. It never did.

Last Thursday, I brought the stand mixer down to the Fixers Collective meeting. I explained what I’d done and then stood back while the experts crowded around. The first fix was taking removing the screws I’d removed to see if it was a simple fix. After that did work, they began to take apart the whole thing.

First, the back came off, revealing the electrical parts:

Steve used a multimeter to see if the machine was still drawing power. It was. So we knew it wasn’t a problem with the electrical parts.

Then, after consulting online videos, we removed the rest of the casing and took a look inside. The most amazing part of the insides was the giant pile of grease in the front. This is normal for a stand mixer:

I used a little of the grease from the top to grease some of the gears that were low. Then, we partially reassembled the machine, adjusted the brush screws one more time and turned it back on. It was working! And the best part was the squeak was gone.

We finished reassembling the machine and tested it one more time to make sure it was still working. And then we declared victory. Thanks to the Fixers Collective, my stand mixer is working better than ever.

The next Fixers Collective Meetup is on Thursday, September 15th from 6-9pm at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center: 4408 Delridge Way Southwest. Bring in your broken kitchen appliances. They’ll either get fixed or turned into really cool art!


  1. I have a kitchen aid – probably 15-20 years old – that started having problems yesterday during use. I really don’t want to throw it away if I can fix it. I live in Ballard. Is the West Seattle fixer’s group something I can access and see if they can help out?

    • Hi Ann,

      We welcome folks from all over. We’ve had attendees from as far away as Bellevue and Enumclaw. Come see us next Thursday and hopefully we can get you up an running.

  2. Christina
    Thanks!! I am trying to find the dates for the meetings. Is it every Thursday or every 3rd Thursday? Can’t make it this week, but definitely coming in the near future. Do I need to make a reservation?
    Thanks again,

    • Hi Ann,

      We meet on the first and third Thursdays of every month, so our next meet up will be next Thursday, March 27th. There will be a lot of bikes there, so we’ll appreciate having some variety. No reservations necessary. Hope to see you then.

  3. I have several contributions and projects I need help with.
    Donations: Chipper/shredder, electric
    Hand truck
    Please let me know if I load all this u and bring it over, that I wont have to bring it home again!
    I would like to work on my bike too. I am de commissioning the electric motor, replacing tires, etc.
    And, today is Thursday!

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